Hamish Carr

Welcome to my homepage at University College Dublin.


I completed my Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia in May, 2004 and was appointed as a Lecturer at University College Dublin effective September, 2004. My Ph.D. research involved computing a topological abstraction of scalar fields called the contour tree and applying it to problems in scientific and medical visualization.

Broadly speaking, I am interested in almost anything that combines geometry, computers and a visual element. This includes computer graphics, computational geometry, scientific and medical visualization, and graph theory.


My principal teaching area at UCD is currently Computer Graphics.


I continue to be interested in topics related to topology and geometry in graphics and visualization. Here are some examples of the type of work I do (more to come as I find time):

I have also started up a reading group for anyone interested in Computer Graphics and Visualization at UCD:

Post-Graduate Students:

I am currently looking for post-graduate students in graphics, visualization, computational geometry and computational topology. I am particularly interested in students with demonstrated ability in graphics, visualization, parallel computation and geometric reasoning. Some topics that I intend to pursue in the future include: