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Work, Work, Work

Work, Work, Work

My word! The work is starting to pile up. I've just handed in my first assignment for the year and I'm just about to start working on a programming practical. I know it doesn't seem like an awful lot. But its really starting to come in thick and fast. I suppose this week seems worse as the code for the programming practical is taking hours to run. But still, the point remains, there's lots of work to be done.

So since I've carved out a bit of time to write this I may as well write something worthwhile instead of kvetching for the entire thing.

  • As I said before there's plenty of work to be done. My first Discrete Maths assignment is due on Friday, which I just submitted minutes ago. I spent ages working on it and when I finally got somewhere close it finishing I had a complete mental block. So I popped into Henry the lecturer and he was great about it. Walked me through what I was doing wrong, and showed me the light. He stopped short of giving me the answers but just pointed me in the right direction so that I could figure out the questions on my own. I'm rather happy with the result and I'm hoping for full marks.
  • Data Structures & Algorithms also has some work due for Monday. But that's the practical from last Thursday, which has an extended submission date. I've done the vast majority of the practical, which involves creating some sorting algorithms and testing them to see which is fastest. However the testing is taking forever. We have to test how fast they sort the data when there is 10,000 items to sort up until there are 2.5million items to sort. While this isn't exactly massive, by my calculation it'll take about 25 hours to to run just one algorithm at 2.5million items. So it adds up for alot of waiting around. Once this last one finishes its run, I'll just pop everything together and submit it.
  • I had a Web Multimedia practical too yesterday and I'll say this for it. It's living up to its ambition of being the easiest A+ I'll ever get.
  • Databases & Information Systems is chugging along nicely. The practicals aren't really in touch with the lectures, and are done completely in Microsoft Access, which is not my favourite to be sure. But its going well anyway. I'm hoping to start SQL soon as I've been doing it all summer on my site and I'd say it'll be easy enough.
  • Mathematical Logic is a going fine as well. The topic is rather similar to Algorithmic Problem Solving & Formal Foundations last year, and Discrete Maths this year, so I've got a good grounding in it. But its interesting none the less, and I rather like the lecturers style.
  • And Finally Linear Models in the Sciences, my only maths module this semester. What is there really to say. Its not really tough, but its not easy at the same time. Practicals are going well. Nothing much else to be added.

I'm looking forward to going to a conference in UCD next week called the CSI Innovative Technology Exhibition. Its held by UCD:CSI on Thursday evening. I've got my name down and I'm planning on going, bar any unfortunate happenings.
There's also news on the website front. Both on my website and the UCD:CSI one.
  • I'm glad to say I've put up my first ads around campus for development work on my website. I need someone to figure out offline access when using the Facebook API. I've put up a bounty of €100, so if you're interested give me a holler: 
  • The UCD:CSI Site also seems to have gotten a redesign. As far as I can tell its to bring it more in line with the rest of the UCD Site. Overall I like it, it feels cleaner and more streamlined.
Also on a social note, I shall be attending the UCD Secular Humanist Society Debate tomorrow. As far as I can recall, its on Blasphemy and the Head of the Atheist Association of Ireland is going to be there. Its in the blue room, Thursday @ 6pm if anyone is interested.

Anyway, that's all my news for the moment. Best get back to this blasted study!