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Predictive Text assignment

Predictive Text assignment

I'm now on Spring Break. Two lovely weeks off..... To catch up on college study.
Just before we broke for Spring Break, we were given our end of year assignment for the Data Structures & Algorithms II module. We have to create a predictive text system, much like the T9 dictionary you'll find on your phone. 
We were given ready made code for the keyboard, and how to input data into the keyboard, and we had to use that input to create a predicative text system. When I saw the project outline I started to get excited. This is, what I could call, our first proper programming project. Last year we had the Alice assignment, which kind of fell flat. But this project really piqued my interest. 
Now, I'm 5 days into my spring break, and I've nearly finished it. This thing is due for the end of the semester, which is another 7 weeks away. Considering I've worked 2, 8 hour days at work in that space of time as well, I consider that quite an achievement. 
I've only got to do one more bit of code and refine & commenting it here and there and it'll be ready for submission. Everything seems to work perfectly, and I even managed to find a file of about 60,000 English words to use as a starting dictionary.
I've rather enjoyed doing this project, it was like a good piece of cake. Great fun while while you're eating it, but once it's gone you just want to go back for more. I'm looking forward to done more projects like this. As for the WikiGolf Graph Traversal game. Well that deserves it's own post....