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First Week Back

First Week Back

Well here I am back in college, just starting 2nd year. I'm all registered and back into the swing of things. Though for the week before I started back in college I was a peer mentor and orientation guide. Without boring you with the two days worth of training I got for it :P Here's the quick overview.
Orientation Guide - Help the incoming first years find their way around the college, answer questions, and give tours.
Peer Mentor - I'm assigned 5 mentees (CompSci first years) and I'm their go-to person for the year. If anything goes wrong, they know they can come to me and I'll either handle it or find someone who can. We have a couple of meetings throughout the year to make sure everything is going okay. You know the big times. First couple of weeks, Exam time, Results time e.t.c. I got a nice bunch and adopted another couple on my travels.

So there you have it nice and simple. Now onto the meat of the post. My modules :P
I've got another 12 this year. 10 Core/Option and 2 Electives.

For those who don't know (including current students :P).
Core modules are mandatory for your course - You gotta do them.
Option modules are mandatory, but you get to choose out of a selection.
Electives modules are ones you can do from anywhere around the college.

So here's a rundown of my modules for the next year

Semester 1: Semester 2:
COMP20010 Data Structures & Algorithms I COMP20020 Digital Systems
COMP20030 Web Multimedia: An Overview COMP20050 Software Engineering Project 2
COMP20070 Databases and Info. Systems I COMP20040 Data Structures & Algorithm II
COMP20110 Discrete Maths for Comp. Sci.  


Semester 1: Semester 2:
MATH20030 Linear Models in the Sciences MATH20150 Graphs and Networks
MATH30290 Mathematical Logic  


Semester 2:
COMP20090 Intro. to Cognitive Science
COMP20130 Intro to Comp Forensics

For the first week its just been lectures as usual with no labs/tutorial/practicals. So its been a boring week, with plenty of 3 hour gaps between lectures. Though next week it should get better as I'll starting having tutorials to go to. Next week I'll give the individual modules a once over, once I know what they're all like.

I must admit. I'm really glad to be back here. Its nice to see all the friendly faces and all your friends again. I've seen them during the summer. But its nice to see them almost every day. Also being in college is much nice than working 9-5, but more about that later